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Our Chevy Volt is so quiet, even it’s license plate says “SHHH”!

October 23rd, 2012    Posted in The Volt Experience, Volt Modifications

As soon as we decided we would own a Chevy Volt I knew I wanted to adorn it with some sort of unique license plate. In Tennessee there are lots and lots of options when you look at specialty plates, many of which benefit various causes. What you see above is what we came up with.

I told my young boys we could put a fun plate on the car and asked them for their ideas for what it might say. “SHHH” was quickly on the list because it’s striking how quiet this car is when it’s running. Some other ideas they came up with were “Zappy”, “Amps” and “Volty”. Remember, these are coming from young kids. When the plate finally came in it was “SHHH” that got the nod from the Tennessee DMV. We like it because it’s fun and fits the car.

The theme of this specialty plate is one related to wildlife. A portion of the additional fees for the plate are used to support the wildlife resources fund to be used for management, protection, propagation and conservation of fish and wildlife species and the protection and enhancement of their habitats. We like that and the boys just liked the bear face on the plate.

No sense in having such a unique car and not have a little fun with it as well!

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