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WOW! General Motors sent me a thank you present!

October 30th, 2013    Posted in About Chevy Volt, Getting Started with Volt, The Volt Experience

Thank you gift from GM
Not too long after we took delivery of our Chevy Volt, a package appeared at our door. The package was a thank you gift directly from General Motors! Now I don’t recall hearing of this happening from other automobile manufacturers and it most certainly has never happened to me. This was completely unexpected and they hit the nail on the head with this little package. It holds a few fun items that anyone enthusiastic about the vehicle might enjoy and appreciate.

Hardcover book - Chevrolet Volt Charging into the FutureOne of the more notable items in the gift box is a copy of the hard cover book titled “Chevrolet Volt Charging into the future”. This 140+ page book takes you from the earliest concepts and design through production and release of this groundbreaking automobile. The book is very nicely done with lots of beautiful full color photos, information from and about many key people along the way and much more. The book alone was a great find.

Along with the book are a variety of other items including a very nice “getting started” type of reference guide and a letter of thanks from GM and our local GM dealer. Read more