How do Chevy Volt commercials play for the car buying public?

July 25th, 2012 Posted in About Chevy Volt

I’ve watched the series of commercials GM has produced so far and wonder if they could do better. You do have to admit though that a good explanation of the Chevy Volt concept is hard to accomplish in a 30 or 60 second spot. Here is a pretty nice video, produced by a proud Volt owner in Pennsylvania, which is entertaining while explaining the car nicely. But again, it needs more than 60 seconds to do so.

I actually like GM’s Chevy Volt commercials overall but I wonder how well they may work for the average consumer. The recent “Happy Volt Owners” series of commercials strikes a noticeable similarity to Apple commercials over the years. Your product dropped into the center of a vast seamless solid white field, simple, clean and understated. But along with that visual similarity do the commercials also evoke a similar sense of exclusivity and extravagance? Maybe not the message GM would want to convey.

Some of the commercials tend to attract a bitter crowd. For example, the “Gas Stations” commercial (shown below) from the Happy Volt Owners series evokes commentary on the web and around the office water cooler focused on the Volt owner who says she actually forgot how to put gas in her car because of how infrequently she needs to do so. Unfortunate that the point of that commercial may be lost on many who instead focus spite on the woman mentioned.

Then there’s this one, the “Happy Volt Owners: True Love” commercial. In this commercial a string of Volt owners tell how they love their Volts so much that they’ve named them. It’s great they love their Volts so much but I have to be honest, it borders on creepy. And again, it ends with the same woman mentioned above, telling us her Volt is “part of our family now”. Oh boy…

Now I don’t want to give the wrong impression here. I really do like the Chevy Volt commercials. But I also recognize that I’m predisposed to like them because I love the car and what it stands for. I’m not GM’s target audience with these ads since I’m already on the bandwagon. Will these ads play well with the average consumer? I hope so, I really do.

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  1. Jamaicaman says:

    That Video is over the top AWESOME! TOP Volt comercial in my opinion! Thanks for sharing!

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