Our 2013 Chevy Volt has arrived and it is gorgeous!

August 18th, 2012 Posted in Getting Started with Volt, The Volt Experience

It’s here, it’s here, it’s here! After more than two months waiting for the order to be filled our 2013 Chevy Volt has arrived and we love it. The guys at West Chevrolet were all ooooing and ahhhhing over the color. There are not as many being produced in the Blue Topaz Metallic as in the other available colors. I think it looks great too but I am a bit biased.

Jason at West Chevrolet has taken very good care of us throughout the whole process from order to delivery. Great communication and attention to details. I had asked for a number of somewhat picky points to be addressed and he didn’t miss a beat. One request was that they refrain from applying a dealer sticker to the back end of our new car. That’s always been a pet peeve of mine, you spend ten’s of thousand’s of dollars on a brand new vehicle and the dealer assumes you’ll be a rolling advertisement for them to boot? Sorry but no. Credit where credit is due, West Chevrolet was fine with that request and didn’t bat an eye. In Tennessee there are no front end license plates so I asked that they leave the front plate mount off. First car I have been able to do that with in a long, long time!

Last but not least, I asked them to mount some custom aftermarket wheels on the car before we would even see it for delivery. They did and I think the wheels look great! My wife could care less about wheels on a car, but I think they are the finishing touch to any vehicle’s look. These wheels came from Tire Rack and really fit the car nicely. I love it! I gave more info on these wheels in one of my previous posts. Read about it here if you are interested.

So we picked up the car and headed home. I had my two boys in the car with me and the oldest (8yrs of age) spent the entire trip firing questions at me. The drivers cockpit is like a geeks playground with two 7″ screens of information at your fingertips telling you everything from the outside temp to the current condition of the battery charge. A push of the OnStar button brings a representative instantly asking where they can direct you (with the ability to send GPS navigation directions directly to the car at any time). Most of my sons questions were greeted with “I guess we’ll have to figure that out” or similar responses.

First impression driving out of the dealer lot was a reminder of how crazy quiet this car is when running on electric (which is most of the time). With the doors closed and windows up, outside noise is reduced to nearly nothing. What remains is just the sound of tires rolling on the road, the stereo (if it is playing) and the air being pushed out of the climate control system. Very quiet, very smooth power pulling out and impressive take-off torque. Yup, the test drive wasn’t an apparition, the car really is this nice to drive.

So as I go through a lot of  “first time” experiences with this car I will try to post here. Hopefully I can offer some tips and insight to anyone considering the car or trying to sort out questions. First order of business will be charging…


  1. Tim Bigonia says:

    Congrats! It looks awesome, tires and all! Being a new Volt owner since July 2, 2012, I completely understand your pride and excitement, and I can say, so far it hasn’t subsided. Wait until you receive your welcome package – it’s really sweet. Enjoy and congrats again!

    • KnoxVolt says:

      Thanks Tim. I have heard about the welcome package and it sounds really nice. I’m looking forward to seeing the book about how the Volt was created. We’re enjoying this car already and look forward to the fun to come.

  2. c2blum says:

    Happy to have stumbled on your great VOLT blog! Test drove a 2013 in topaz metallic this week. My daughter is getting my 2006 Prius shortly. I had a reservation for a Tesla S, but it’s too big and pricey for us. Already looked at Tire Rack. The gold Chevy bowties were also bothering me.

  3. c2blum says:

    Yesss, drove it home yesterday! battery was depleted from test drives, but i’ve got my trip A at 183mpg! My daughter inherited my prius and cannot complete with the daily commute! Looking at tire rack pinnacle wheels and carbon fiber chevy badge covers on ebay… Great Minds….

    • Gary says:

      Ha haaaaa, I am grinning on your behalf! That is great! Note that the great feeling you now have with your car fresh from the dealer will not fade quickly. This car is a joy to own. We are currently at about 175mpg and climbing. We took a couple of extended trips with the car right after we got it and that took the mpg down quite a bit. I couldn’t seem to find the pinnacle wheels on the Tire Rack site. I love the look of the Focal F10 wheels on mine and they are about as close as I could come to the very light weight the original equipment wheels come in at. Tough to find wheels that light without spending very big dollars! I’ve since also tinted all of the windows on the car too. With that last mod I am done now. I’ll have to get some pics of the car up here now that the tint is on the glass. Your car is going to look great with those modifications! Did you see my post about modifying the bowties? Have fun and enjoy the car!!! It’ll be interesting to hear your impression of it coming from the Prius. The single most commonly traded vehicle of new Volt buyers is the Prius!

  4. c2blum says:

    Gary, I’ve got some matte black badge cover tape on order. May hold off on the wheels (Tire Rack – brand: Platinum, style: Marathon) until next Spring (Chicago snow/salt)…
    Cars lifetime MPG now at 127 (somebody used some gas on prior test drives). My trip A MPG now indicated as 250+! Keep up the great blogging! Charlie

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