Our Volt Order

This page is mostly for my own edification to be honest, a chronological listing which shows the progress of our Chevy Volt order. These order tracking details are made available for any Chevrolet vehicle order via the website GMConnects.com, all you need is your order number.

[Edit 7-20-2012] I just learned that GMConnects.com is being discontinued for the time being. This is really disappointing as our Volt order was just reaching the actual build week and it would have been fun to follow the progress as the car is built. They hope to relaunch the service at a later date after some technical issues are worked out with GM.

[Edit 8-6-2012] Thanks to my Chevy Volt Advisor, a liaison GM provides to all Volt buyers, I now can get personal updates on the status of our Chevy Volt order, build and delivery. Yay!

Order #: QJZXFT
06/06/2012 (1100) Order placed at dealership. Order passed GM edit tables but dealer has not received allocation to place order.
06/06/2012 (1102) Order entered via web.
06/12/2012 (2000) Order accepted by GM. Dealer used allocation to place order into production.
06/12/2012 (2500) Order preferenced. Order pulled to the production system.
06/12/2012 (3000) Order accepted by production control. Parts being ordered and production process is underway.
07/06/2012 (3100) Order available to sequence.
07/06/2012 (3300) Order scheduled for production. Order is scheduled into the plant build cycle.
07/14/2012 (3400) Order Broadcast (internal plant paperwork order produced). Order is sent to various build & supplier areas to bring order together.
07/23/2012 Production Week!
08/05/2012 (4300) Production Interm transfer; processing transfer to QC or vendor

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