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Chevy Volt gives 50+ miles on a charge. How to beat EPA estimates (38).

September 1st, 2012    Posted in The Volt Experience

“How far can you go on a full charge with your Chevy Volt?”

Good question, and one I have already been asked numerous times since we took delivery. The EPA estimates the answer to be 38 miles but even in normal driving around town I’ve found that is a remarkable underestimation of the car’s capabilities. So yesterday morning I had a prime opportunity to see what it could do. After using the Volt to take my boys to school and run a couple of quick errands I drove on to see just how far it would go.

What you see above is the 7″ screen which is part of the center console in the cockpit of this car. What it’s showing is the Volt’s tally for what happened since the last time it was fully charged (overnight). As you can see it shows that I was able to travel a total 52.7 miles on pure electric power! This trip started at my home and ended there as well, so any gains from going downhill were equally offset by the same rise in elevation to complete the trip. If you ask me, that is incredible! Read more