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Why choose Chevy Volt over plug-in electrics, hybrids or economy cars?

June 13th, 2012    Posted in Getting Started with Volt

Chevy VoltOk, good question. Why the Chevy Volt and not one of the competitors be they hybrid, full plug-in electric or just a good old fashioned economy car that gets great gas mileage and costs a lot less…

We did a lot of talking and thinking on this very question and here is how we wound up jumping on the Chevy Volt bandwagon. Let’s consider them one at a time. But first I should qualify our thinking by being clear, we were looking to move from our older and not-so-efficient sedan to something more economical to run. We aren’t looking for a muscle car, heavy hauler or seating for eight. Also, it is no small factor that we wanted to set a good example for our young boys with thinking green and caring for the planet we live on.

So then, why not the Nissan Leaf? It’s about as “green” as you could hope to get and costs less too! Read more

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