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Charging up our Chevy Volt is as easy as plugging in your iPhone!

December 9th, 2012    Posted in About Chevy Volt, Getting Started with Volt, The Volt Experience

When we first got the Volt, I wasn’t sure what it would be like to be plugging the car in every time we returned home. Would it be a hassle or a nuisance? Would we sometimes forget or would it be in any way difficult? I also wondered if I needed to do anything special in my home to accommodate plugging in a car as opposed to any other device we have around the house. After living with this for a few months now I have to say it’s been a very easy and seamless process no more inconvenient than plugging in my cell phone (which happens every time I get home).

Before taking delivery of the car I did a little legwork to be sure we’d be ready when it arrived. Specifically I wanted to know if I had to do anything special to prepare our home for charging the car on a daily basis. I was happy to learn that I really had nothing to do at all. The car can easily be charged from a standard 120V household electric outlet. I’ve got eight of those in my garage so no problem. One recommendation was to check the outlet you expect to use for charging to be sure it is in good condition. If it looks old or in any way damaged it’s a good idea to replace it with a new commercial quality receptacle available from any home improvement store for less than $5. Another recommendation was to check the existing outlet to see if the electrician that installed it used the push-in style connections or the screw-down style. Apparently the screw-down style connection will give a more reliable connection for the best possible transfer of power. It all checked out for me and no changes were needed.

Charging the car is simple and only takes a moment to take care of each time we return home. Read more


Is Chevy Volt the “iPhone” of the automobile industry?

July 6th, 2012    Posted in About Chevy Volt

Chevrolet Volt hovering over iPhone

Could this car be to the automotive industry what the iPhone was to the telecommunications industry? A true game changer? I think it could really be that big a deal.

Some might think that comparing the Chevrolet Volt to the iPhone in their impact on their respective industries might be a bit grandiose but I am not so sure. Let’s recall for a moment, the effect the release of the iPhone had on the telecom industry. It changed everything. Single purpose devices (phones) now had to be multipurpose devices (phone, music player, web browser, more). You no longer pushed buttons on your phone but rather touched a smooth glass surface. Service carriers didn’t control this device, the manufacturer (Apple) did!

So how about the Chevy Volt then? For years manufacturers and entrepreneurs alike have been working on alternative ways of fueling and driving our automobiles. We have electric plug-ins, hybrids, hydrogen power, natural gas, solar and even cooking oil conversions. What makes the Volt significant?

The Chevy Volt takes what looks like the most reasonable and scalable solution on the market, hybrid power, flips the equation 180 degrees and it makes perfect sense! Read more

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