You’re putting a Chevy in your garage? Really?

June 28th, 2012 Posted in Getting Started with Volt

Chevrolet logo

Yeah, that is what a friend said to me recently when I mentioned we had decided to order a 2013 Chevy Volt. His surprise wasn’t entirely misplaced. This will be the 10th vehicle I have owned in my time and the very first GM product.

Now, I have never been a “GM vs. Mopar” kind of guy or even an “American vs. Imports” guy either. I will admit I’ve probably had a tendency to feel your shot at a quality product is usually found in something foreign. Maybe that comes from the era I grew up in, an era that saw most desirable advances coming from sources that weren’t American. At least that was always my impression. Short of muscle cars, if that is what you go for, it always seemed like what was needed most was best served from abroad. But, I’m no gearhead and someone will correct me on these points I’m sure.

In any case, when I started looking for a new solution to our old problem, the Chevy Volt stood out. In fact, I haven’t thought twice about whether the car was American or Import, GM or Ford. It’s really secondary. This car just seems like the perfect combination of “green” transportation with a sensible range extending solution.

And, it’s a Chevy… Volt.

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