Custom wheels for our Chevy Volt. They’re here!

June 30th, 2012 Posted in Getting Started with Volt

Focal F10 wheels from Tire RackNo I have never considered myself to be a Gearhead but I do like nice wheels. I’ve always felt that almost any car can look great if you put a nice set of wheels on it. So, naturally that is one thing I am changing on our (yet-to-arrive) Chevy Volt. The stock wheel options look nice, but we can do better and of course as they say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

Enter Tire Rack! I’ve used Tire Rack many times in the past and every experience is first rate. The beauty of Tire Rack is that you can search for wheels and tires using a lengthy list of criteria. First and most important is that you can save your specific car in their site and then search for wheels or tires which will fit that exact vehicle. Very helpful!

Since the focus of our new Volt is efficiency, the next criteria I was interested in was wheel weight. The less weight the car has to push, especially in the wheels, the better for attaining optimum EV range. This is one of so many details where Chevrolet has done an impressive job. With the help of my local Chevy dealer I was able to find out that the stock wheels on the Chevy Volt weigh in at 17.6lbs. each. That is pretty light. You can get lighter custom “race” wheels if you want to spend the money of course, but for stock wheels from the factory it is quite impressive.

Now though, can I find after-market wheels of similar weight? Tire Rack didn’t disappoint. Once the choices of wheels were filtered for the car, I could then list them according to wheel weight as well. This is great and is a feature I could not find in ANY other online sources for custom wheels. In fact, of all the other online retailers I searched I could only find one which even showed you the wheel weights at all and its information was sparse and not searchable.

After a significant amount of searching and consideration I finally settled on a set of Focal F10 17″ wheels and ordered them. The wheels arrived this week and they look sharp (shown above in my garage). I think they are going to look great on the Volt! My Chevy Dealer has agreed to swap the original equipment wheels for these custom ones as soon as the Volt is delivered. They’ll be able to install and program the tire pressure monitors on the new wheels for me and be sure it’s all done correctly.

UPDATE: Here is a more recent photo showing these wheels on my car. Love it!
2013 Chevy Volt Blue Topaz Metallic

This is going to be fun!


  1. john says:

    Are there any pics of the volt now with the new rims installed?

  2. Gary says:

    Hi John,

    Yes, I do have some photos that show the car with these custom wheels installed. You can see how it looks from a nice photo in this post, here on my blog. I’ve got others too. If you like I can collect a few and post them in a new entry for you to see. Let me know.


  3. Colby says:

    Hi Gary. I know you never drove your volt with the stock rims..but do you know if you’re still getting the same electric mileage efficiency with the aftermarket rims? That’s my only concern. Lastly, if I was to do this to my 2012, my stock tire would fit these focal f10? Again thanks for posting and they look great!

    • Gary says:

      Hi Colby. Am I getting the same electric mileage efficiency with these rims? Short answer, yes. As you point out, I never actually drove my Volt with the original rims on it so I can’t have real data to support my assertion. Those wheels came home in boxes and there they remain still. However, I can say that my electric mileage range with the car has been as good or better than many in comparison. I track my Volt’s performance online at Volt Stats. You can see (in great detail) the performance my Volt gives me on my car’s unique stats page. To sum, up the question. I’m very satisfied with the cars electric mileage efficiency and don’t feel the wheels have had a noticeable negative impact.

      To your second question of whether these wheels will fit your 2012 Volt or not? Yes, they should. Will the stock tires fit these wheels? Yes. I transferred the stock tires off my Volt and right onto these wheels. (I’m still driving those original tires with nearly 25,000 miles so far and minimal tire wear showing) When researching my purchase of the wheels I probed heavily as to whether there were changes in the wheel configuration from 2012-2013 model years. All information said they’re exactly the same. Remember, I was ordering these wheels for a 2013 Volt which was on order and most dealers hadn’t actually taken deliver of any 2013’s at the time. So we were dealing with the question in reverse of you. All there were was 2012’s to actually see at the time and I was speculating that what would work for the 2012’s would also work for my yet to be seen 2013. It was fine.

      Thanks so much for your question and I hope my information is helpful. Most importantly, ENJOY YOUR VOLT!!

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