1. Junior says:

    Very cool. What color tape have you seen that would look good on a cyber gray Volt?

    • Gary says:

      Hi Junior,

      I think that just screams for a carbon fiber treatment. You can get carbon fiber material in black or a silver either of which would probably look really great on your Cyber Gray Metallic Chevy Volt.

      Here is a link to some great info and sample photos from another Volt owner who did exactly that. http://bit.ly/NV2xJd

      Oh and another thought, there is a reflective black vinyl material by 3M that you could use too. It is black by the light of day, but shines white at night when light hits it. That could be pretty cool too.

      Let me know if you do your bowties, I’d love to see how they turn out! The Cyber Gray is a really pretty color.

  2. James says:

    Where did you get that reflective vinyl from or what’s the name of that color?

    • Gary says:

      Hi James! The name of the color is simply “Blue” and it is 3m Scotch reflective vinyl tape. I found mine on eBay from the user “3mreflectivestore”. You can see their listings using this link. There are lots of other color options as well including black tape that will reflect bright white when lights hit it at night. I thought that was pretty cool. Good luck and thanks for your question!

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