Need to find a charging station in your area? Google can help!

June 8th, 2012 Posted in Software/Tools

Use Google to locate charging stations!

Well, this is cool. I have to admit up front, I have come to be a pretty big fan of Google. So for me it was no surprise to learn that Google has made it a bit easier to find publicly accessible EV charging stations in your area. It’s simple using Google Maps!

First, go to and simply put in a search for “EV charging stations your-city your-state”. It’s that simple and the search will give you a map similar to the one shown below for my local area. I searched for “EV charging stations knoxville tn”

Google charging stations map
The blue pointers show where you can purchase charging station equipment (I believe, I know they are ads at least). The red pointers indicate actual charging stations. The page also provides a list on the side which gives details for each of the locations identified on the map.

Leave it to Google…


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