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Our Chevy Volt is so quiet, even it’s license plate says “SHHH”!

October 23rd, 2012    Posted in The Volt Experience, Volt Modifications

As soon as we decided we would own a Chevy Volt I knew I wanted to adorn it with some sort of unique license plate. In Tennessee there are lots and lots of options when you look at specialty plates, many of which benefit various causes. What you see above is what we came up with.

I told my young boys we could put a fun plate on the car and asked them for their ideas for what it might say. “SHHH” was quickly on the list because it’s striking how quiet this car is when it’s running. Some other ideas they came up with were “Zappy”, “Amps” and “Volty”. Remember, these are coming from young kids. When the plate finally came in it was “SHHH” that got the nod from the Tennessee DMV. We like it because it’s fun and fits the car.

The theme of this specialty plate is one related to wildlife. A portion of the additional fees for the plate are used to support the wildlife resources fund to be used for management, protection, propagation and conservation of fish and wildlife species and the protection and enhancement of their habitats. We like that and the boys just liked the bear face on the plate.

No sense in having such a unique car and not have a little fun with it as well!

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Our 2013 Chevy Volt has arrived and it is gorgeous!

August 18th, 2012    Posted in Getting Started with Volt, The Volt Experience

It’s here, it’s here, it’s here! After more than two months waiting for the order to be filled our 2013 Chevy Volt has arrived and we love it. The guys at West Chevrolet were all ooooing and ahhhhing over the color. There are not as many being produced in the Blue Topaz Metallic as in the other available colors. I think it looks great too but I am a bit biased.

Jason at West Chevrolet has taken very good care of us throughout the whole process from order to delivery. Great communication and attention to details. I had asked for a number of somewhat picky points to be addressed and he didn’t miss a beat. One request was that they refrain from applying a dealer sticker to the back end of our new car. That’s always been a pet peeve of mine, you spend ten’s of thousand’s of dollars on a brand new vehicle and the dealer assumes you’ll be a rolling advertisement for them to boot? Sorry but no. Credit where credit is due, West Chevrolet was fine with that request and didn’t bat an eye. In Tennessee there are no front end license plates so I asked that they leave the front plate mount off. First car I have been able to do that with in a long, long time!

Last but not least, I asked them to mount some custom aftermarket wheels on the car before we would even see it for delivery. They did and I think the wheels look great! Read more


Would you guess this classic car is an electric vehicle?

July 16th, 2012    Posted in Electric Vehicles

With what feels like an interminable wait to endure till the eventual delivery of our new Chevy Volt one thing I decided to do was to see what kind of groups might be around where people interested in electric vehicles might be sharing experiences and information. After a little Google searching I found a small website for the Knoxville Electric Vehicle Association (KEVA). This group meets once a month and I decided to go to see what it is all about. Their meetings are open to all comers.

It was a small group of about 5 or 6 people with varying interests in electric vehicles. The better part of the group had at one time or another either built or converted their own electric vehicle. Way beyond my skill set! The fun part was seeing one members recent project, a Morris Minor 1000 which had been restored and converted to electric power.

Morris Minor 1000

I am wishing now I had grabbed a photo of the car with all doors closed for a better look at it, but I was more focused on the electric conversion at the time. Read more


First driving impression… Wow!

May 14th, 2012    Posted in Getting Started with Volt, The Volt Experience

2013 Chevrolet VoltOk so, after talking about it a lot and considering a variety of “green” options for a new car, we finally decided to go and put our butts in the seat of a Chevy Volt. It would be myself, by wife and my two boys (ages 6 & 8yrs). We all had our own reasons for the test drive experience so it would be interesting to see how it would all play out in the end.

For me, I wanted to see if what I was reading online was true. I’ve seen some say it is a car worthy of a “higher end” marque in the GM lineup. Comments suggest it handles well and feels solid for the driver. For my wife, she’s thinking light weight tin box economy car. Her questions going in are along the lines of “How delicate is the car? Will its battery lose a charge just sitting for a couple of days? Will daily driver use be too hard on the car?”. And for the boys? They just want to know if it’s cool and fun to ride around in.

First off, getting in the car and rolling off for a test drive did require a brief tutorial from the dealer’s EV specialist. Not overwhelming mind you, but it is different than turning the key on the average car and dropping it in gear. Read more

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