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I have a Chevy Volt Advisor! Wait, what is a Chevy Volt Advisor?

August 8th, 2012    Posted in The Volt Experience

Her name is Shannon and her job is to help make sure our experience with our new Chevy Volt is the best it can possibly be! It is really remarkable that Chevrolet is putting such emphasis on the success of this car. This is not new with the 2013 model year either but is a program which has been in place from the start with the Volt.

It was through the helpful members over at the forums that I first learned about the Chevy Volt Advisor program. So what exactly is a Chevy Volt Advisor anyway? Well from what I can find out, the Chevy Volt Advisors are a team of GM Chevy Volt specialists assigned to Volt owners to act as your liaison and advocate. They are trained in all things Volt and can assist in many situations where a Volt owner may have a question or an issue they need help with. Read more