WOW! General Motors sent me a thank you present!

October 30th, 2013 Posted in About Chevy Volt, Getting Started with Volt, The Volt Experience

Thank you gift from GM
Not too long after we took delivery of our Chevy Volt, a package appeared at our door. The package was a thank you gift directly from General Motors! Now I don’t recall hearing of this happening from other automobile manufacturers and it most certainly has never happened to me. This was completely unexpected and they hit the nail on the head with this little package. It holds a few fun items that anyone enthusiastic about the vehicle might enjoy and appreciate.

Hardcover book - Chevrolet Volt Charging into the FutureOne of the more notable items in the gift box is a copy of the hard cover book titled “Chevrolet Volt Charging into the future”. This 140+ page book takes you from the earliest concepts and design through production and release of this groundbreaking automobile. The book is very nicely done with lots of beautiful full color photos, information from and about many key people along the way and much more. The book alone was a great find.

Along with the book are a variety of other items including a very nice “getting started” type of reference guide and a letter of thanks from GM and our local GM dealer. To top it off they also included a couple of very helpful items that show me someone put a little thought into this little package. First they provided a handful of small handout cards which offer basic information about the Chevy Volt and answer some common questions. Give away information cards full of Volt information!These are intended for the vehicle owner to have on hand to give away on those occasions where someone is curious enough to stop you to ask a few questions, and that does happen! The handout card features a nice photo of a Chevy Volt and hits the highlights of what many people would want to know about it. Second, they included a static cling style window sticker you can put on the inside of one of the windows of your car. The sticker simply says “Volt info scan here” and offers a QR code which can be scanned with a smartphone to immediately get information about the car.

All in all a pretty good package I thought. When was the last time you received a thank you gift from the vehicle manufacturer on a new car purchase? It’s usually hard enough just to get them to throw in the floor mats any more! Or maybe it’s old hat to you but it came as a pleasant surprise to me.


  1. Sham says:

    I’m looking for this particular book but can’t seem to get it? I’m from London, UK and Chevrolet UK have never heard of it?! Typical.

    Can you please provide some information about this book? The ISBN number?
    All I keep finding is the older version of this book (lime green cover).

    Thanks in advance

    • Gary says:

      Hello Sham,

      I’d be glad to try and help you with this. Here’s a photo which shows the info from the publisher details inside the front of the book. It shows the ISBN number you’re looking for. This book is copyright 2010 by Larry Edsall.
      Volt book ISBN image
      It might help you to also know that elsewhere on the same page is the following statement, “This edition ISBN-13: 978-0-7603-4381-4”.

      Let me know there’s anything else I could do that would help and thanks for your comment here!

      • Sham says:

        Hi Gary,

        Thank you very much! You’ve been the most helpful. I’ve asked around and no one seems to know anything? It seems you’ve got something special lol.

        I’ll do some more hunting around and see what I find.

        Thanks allot and your welcome. I’m surprised no one else has commented?!

        One thing you could help with is to source this book? Any ideas where I could get it from? Chevrolet only seem to sell the First Edition (lime green cover). So does Amazon, eBay etc. Your posting is the only photo I keep coming across?


        • Gary says:

          Hi again Sham,

          Unfortunately I don’t know that I can help you much more. The only resource I have ever seen or heard of for this exact production of the book has been through GM directly. The only way I am aware this edition has been distributed has been as part of the owner gift packages. These are arranged for via each owners “Volt Advisor” in cooperation with the selling GM dealer.

          Outside of that I would guess the only way to get one of these would be with a bit of luck and some patient and persistent eBay/Amazon searching.

          I did a bit of searching myself and find the same results as you, the lime green edition available in a variety of places. Sorry I can’t find you a better answer.


          • Sham says:

            Hi Gary,

            Thanks for your reply.

            I understand, I appreciate your help.
            I wish I had a “Volt Advisor”‘ such luxuries are USA only ;(

            That’s exactly what I’m doing lol, just hoping it appears on eBay etc.

            The only last resort I can think of is if your willing to sell your book? Lol!
            Or this might be asking too much, but would you be able to ask your Volt Advisor for another copy? Then sell it to me? Lol!

            Thanks again, you’ve been very helpful.


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